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Latest N. Phoenix Pickleball News – December 18, 2020

Archived Version of a Previous Newsletter


This is an archived version of a previously issued pickleball newsletter. The most current N. Phoenix Newsletter is available by clicking HERE!

Hello N. Phoenix Pickleball Players:

Here is the latest news in the pickleball world about some upcoming rule changes!

********** Rule Changes for 2021 **********

The new year brings to our pickleball community a number of significant rule changes. Beyond the usual language clarifications and small tweaks etc., there are two rules which I believe are more significant than others.

  • 1. No more lets. A serve that hits the tape and lands in the correct service box is now live and must be played. I think you will find the reasons for the change interesting.

  • 2. Drop serves allowed. In addition to the standard serve sequence described in Rules 4.A.1 to 4.A.7, players may opt to use an alternate “drop serve” method.

To read the details and fine points behind these changes (as well as other revisions), download the rule change document and read the following pages:

Service Lets Removal— pp 11 – 14

Drop Serve Release— pp 24 – 26

Rules Change Document


Free Downloads Related to Official Pickleball Rules

2021 USA Pickleball/IFP Rulebook


This is how USA Pickleball explains the Alternate Rulebook:

The Alternate Rulebook, however, is an attempt to simplify how the rules are presented. The Alternate Rulebook can be used in any venue other than tournaments, without restriction. The Alternate Rulebook will enjoy the benefit of a one-year public comment period. User comments should be directed to alternaterulebook@usapickleball.org Here are some of the key features:

Similar/related rules grouped together in three major parts

Part I – Basic information and rules not applying to play
Part II – General rules applying to all play
Part III – Additional rules relating to tournament play

Faults listed with their related rules
Redundancies and duplication eliminated
Headings for every rule to aid navigation
Simpler, clearer language and consistent terminology
Non-volley zone rebranded as no-volley zone
Wheelchair rules integrated into general rules
Expanded index
Internal links for easy navigation online

We look forward to your comments on the Alternate Rulebook.

You can download the 2021 Alternate Rulebook

NOTE: This is the USA Pickleball/IFP Official Rules web page!



********** Tips for Tournament Players **********

Of course it is usually a good idea to adhere to the official rules when playing pickleball and it is essential when you are thinking about tournaments. One issue some players have when entering their first tournament is that they are not really prepared. Being a contestant in a tournament is much different than recreational play.

With our focus on rule changes, I want to point to a post by Sarah Ansboury that provides some basic guidance for those entering a tournament for the first time (or perhaps second or third time as well). If you find this information valuable, you might want to subscribe to her website and/or YouTube channel.


Sarah Ansboury’s Blog has many videos and information of interest to pickleballers.


********** Archived Versions of Previous Newsletters **********


Previous newsletters that may have pickleball hints, videos, rules changes, etc. are now archived at the following link. You can check out previous newsletters there.

Archived N. Phoenix PB Previous Newsletters

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********** That’s All for Now **********


Stay Well and Play Safely!


Jeff Ross

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