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Archived Phoenix Pickleball News
December 3, 2018


Archived Version of a Previous Newsletter

This is an archived version of a previously issued pickleball newsletter. The most current N. Phoenix Newsletter is available by clicking HERE!

Hello Phoenix Area Players:

********** Battle of the Paddle IV At Pecos Park **********

If you would like to see how a pickleball tournament is conducted or just have fun watching the competition, here is your chance. The following message was sent by Steve Manolis via the Phoenix Area Pickleball mailing list.

This Thursday through Saturday come on out to Pecos Park as we start our first full scale local tournament. All levels are signed up to play. We will have a food truck, vendors, raffle items and practice courts open.

We are also accepting paddle donations for schools and students.

Sunday, December 9th is kids day, we will have prizes, coaching, contest and games for kids and adults…free to attend, no registration to play on Sunday.

Try paddles from various vendors.

All registration fees and donations go back to the schools and community.

To see more please come or visit us at PhoenixPickleball.com

Pecos Park is located at 17010 S 48th Street, just west of I-10 and south of Chandler Blvd.

See you there.

Steve Manolis, Pickleball Teaching Pro


NOTE – I am still in need of a couple of previously owned, but still useable paddles for beginner classes at the community centers. Kindly keep that in mind as well! – Jeff


********** Avoid Long Waits Between Games **********


The indoor pickleball venues are crowded this time of the year. One way to avoid long waiting times between games is to arrive a bit later during the scheduled day. I understand that this is not possible for everyone, but you may have noticed that towards the end of the session, the crowds thin out. Last week a group was playing almost nonstop during the last hour at one of the community centers.

********** From Intermediate To Advanced **********

How to Move from 3.5-4.0
By Mark Renneson

What does it take to move from being an intermediate player to an advanced one? Well, there isn’t a magic bullet but there are a few things that I’ve noticed have made the difference. Here’s a short list of what I think separates the two levels.

Be More Consistent. Higher level players don’t really hit fundamentally different shots than their less-skilled counterparts. But what they do is hit quality shots more often. While a 3.5 might be able to hit a deep return 5 out of ten times, the 4.0 can do it 7. The difference is often not much more than having a clear intention.

On a related note, if you miss many “easy balls” you’re going to have a tough time advancing a level. Standard volleys, dinks, serves and returns should be near 100% success. Missing them should be a surprise.

Finish Points. Strong players are good at ending points when they have the chance. Whether it is identifying angles, finding a gap or using speed effectively, strong players capitalize on opportunities.

Have a Plan. Intermediate players often look (and feel) like they are just ‘trying to survive’ on the court. Advanced players have clear plans. When you are under fire pinned at the baseline, for example, a good plan would be to calmly play a drop that forces an upward hit from the other team. 4.0s try to do this. Most 3.5s just hit the ball back hard (or lob).

The above article is courtesy of Third Shot Sports


********** For Those Who Have Read This Far **********


Hitting a Worthy Groundstroke

When I teach pickleball to beginners, I emphasize the ideal groundstroke position, i.e. shoulders perpendicular to the net when possible. Of course if you are running hither and yon trying to get to an angled shot, etc. all bets are off.

Here is a video explaining a technique for the groundstroke.


********** Archived Versions of Previous Newsletters **********


Mary Travis, USAPA Ambassador at Large, suggested that the “old” or previous newsletters be made available in some form now that they are web-based so that they can be reviewed in the future for pertinent content.

That is a good idea (Thank you Mary!) since there are often pickleball hints, videos, rules changes, etc. From this point on, you can review previous web-based emails at this link:

Archived N. Phoenix PB Previous Newsletters

********** Winter Session Pickleball Lessons at PVCC **********


The next round of Introductory and Beginner Pickleball Lessons at Paradise Valley Community Center are now online and they are filling up fast. If you know someone who would like to learn about our sport, they can check out the offerings HERE.

********** Support your Sport – Join the USAPA $20 for 1 Year **********


Join the USAPA – Click HERE for More Information


Join the USAPA

Picture Courtesy of Pickleball Magazine and the USAPA


********** That’s All for Now **********

Stay well and I hope to see you on the courts!


Jeff Ross

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