Pickleball – Lose Time, Lose the Point!

Sarah Ansboury has won many pickleball championships. She is a coach and player who shares her hard-earned knowledge of pickleball via her blog. You can read more about her HERE.

Sarah recently wrote an article, The Most Common and Most Deadly Pickleball Mistake , in which she explains how in our fast sport of pickleball seconds and fractions of seconds can make a difference.

As she explains, one way we lose time is by not returning to the ready position. This is often seen during a dinking sequence. Most players, and I am one of them, tend to keep their paddle down when dinking begins. What happens if the ball is returned as a forehand or an intended lob and our paddles are down? We now have to move the paddle farther to attempt a return.

You can read the entire article at the link above to see how Sarah Ansboury recommends you improve your game by eliminating this bad habit.

A companion article which continues the theme is Returning a Lob Serve…Take Time Away from Your Opponent.


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