Pickleball Birthday Cake

Well, I knew this day was coming and naturally I am glad I am here to enjoy it. A week ago, I celebrated my three-quarter century birthday. It has been an interesting journey and one of the most exciting facets of that journey is my enjoyment of Pickleball (America’s fastest growing sport).

My dear best friends helped my wife and I mark this milestone by taking us out to a local Italian restaurant for a wonderful dinner. I made sure to “leave room” because I had a hunch that the dessert was going to be something very special.

Sure enough, they unboxed this amazing pickleball birthday cake.

Note: The pickle and the ball are obvious, but the words on the bottom say “75 (hidden from view) and still dinking it.” The colors were much more vibrant in “real life.”

The cake was scrumptious. It had a vanilla layer and chocolate layer with a thin, tasty layer of raspberry preserves between. All the flavors melded well with the buttercream frosting.

This is truly a birthday to remember!

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