Pickleball: Between Games Don’t Just Wait

When you are playing in a non-tournament situation what exactly is your goal? Is it to get exercise? Is it to have fun? Is it to do your best? Is it to do everything you can to win? Whatever your goal may be, I think we all want to do well.

The question then arises…If you are at a club and there is a ten or fifteen minute wait between games, what do you do with that time? I think depending upon your answer to the goal question above, you may have a couple of different answers, but some coaches suggest that there are several things to consider doing.

* If there is space, can you get on a practice court and stay warm?

* Is there a wall you can use to hit against? You can practice your dink or reflex vollies.

* Can you do some in-place movement to stay limber?

NOTE – The ideas above were excerpted from the article 3 Pre-Game Tricks to Play Better Matches by Mark Renneson. While his essay focuses on those in tournament or more serious play, I believe we can all benefit from his admonition that between games “Don’t just stand (or sit) there.”

If you are a serious, competitive player, you might want to check out the article linked above.

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