Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 84 (Mirror Lake – Between the Domes)

Mirror LakeMirror Lake nestled between the mountains of Yosemtie

Mirror Lake is a pretty lake although it is a bit cluttered with vegetation at times. This was one of the first major hikes we took and I did not realize that Half Dome was situated to the southeast. I “heard” that it is possible to get a reflection of Half Dome in the lake, but I did not know and therefore did not seek out that shot. It would have been a good one to attempt.

I did manage to capture several images of North Dome which lies northwest of Mirror Lake. It would be a star in almost any other surrounding, but at Yosemite, it is forced to assume a supporting role.

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*All photographs Copyright by Jeffrey B. Ross with all rights reserved.

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Meta Data – Day 84 YOY – Year of Yosemite

File Name: 0135.NEF
Capture time: 10:59:33 AM
Capture date: June 5, 2016
Exposure: 1/60 sec @ f/13
Focal Length: 22mm
ISO 100
Nikon D3300


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