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These Sapphire Tarantulas Are Losing Their Home

This true blue beauty is a gooty sapphire tarantula at the Dallas Zoo. Native to the forests of Gooty, a small town in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, these spiders’ bright coloring comes from tiny hairs that line their body. They are quick and extremely venomous—a single bite can leave a human in excruciating pain that can last over a week. Sadly, due to deforestation, the species is currently critically endangered.


Apparently collecting tarantulas or perhaps spiders in general is a hobby. Who Knew?!

The video below will provide some of the history, care and husbandry of the Sapphire Ornamental (Poecilotheria metallica) tarantula. The video explains all about arboreal enclosures, how to feed the tarantual and what other general care this particular species needs. I am not being factitious here, but there is so much to know if you want to own one of these arachnids!

I have/had no intention of owning or collecting spiders and when the video said: “Be sure to have a catch cup handy every time you are opening the enclosure,” that was enough warning for me.

PS – Don’t be turned off by the hard driving, pounding music at the beginning of the video. If you like this topic, the video will be very interesting!



I am not totally unfamiliar with tarantulas. We saw one in Peru that was not doing well as it was clinging to the side of a cabin.


And this beauty was found in our courtyard only a week or so after we had moved to Cave Creek, Arizona. I think it was quite pretty. We relocated it to the back yard. Interestingly enough, we saw this within a week of moving into the house in the desert and haven’t seen another one since; in more than ten years!


Arachnophobia anyone?


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