Tin Man Lee – Wildlife Photographer Extraordinaire

A Photographer of Wildlife’s Life!

JBRish readers may remember my article: Tin Man Lee – Vision and Talent of a Wildlife Photographer

Tin Man Lee has been at it again! He has created a short video about his harrowing and adventurous trip to the Falkland Islands to film penguins and other wildlife. The video will provide only a morsel of is talent as a photographer.

The Quest For Penguins from Tin Man Lee on Vimeo.

In addition to this beautiful video, Tin Man Lee has announced his forthcoming ebooks and video tutorial that will soon be for sale. The video tutorial will demonstrate some of the techniques he used to garner advancement of three photos for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest of the BBC.

You can find more information about them on his blog HERE

Thanks to Tin Man Lee for keeping us up to date with his wonderful experiences.


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