Video – Photoshop Crop Tool: Not Just for Cropping!

I have been following Blake Rudis* and EverydayHDR for a little more than six weeks and I am glad that I did. Let me share one of EverydayHDR’s most recent videos that has enlightened me. Photoshop users know about crop tools and perhaps quite a bit about the Photoshop crop tool, but I did not understand how many options are available for this one tool in Photoshop.

If you use Photoshop, I think you will learn at least one thing, and probably more, about the crop tool after watching this video. Take less than fifteen minutes of your time to check it out.


*Blake Rudis is creator of the EverydayHDR website which I encourage you to visit. How many experts in a given field do you know who are willing to share their hard-earned knowledge for free? Not many, yet Blake does just that!

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When I first found Blake’s site, I spent a long looking at the various components and found many that were of interest to me and some that I hope to return to at a later date.

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