Pickleball: 3rd Shot in Singles – Not Usually a Drop

Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports brings us an interesting video from the 2015 Pickleball Nationals at Casa Grande He demonstrates how, in the singles category, the third shot is not usually a drop shot as is the preferred shot in doubles play.

There are, of course, those times when the drop shot is used as the third shot, but not often. Another nice thing about this video is that the names of players are given so we can put the faces to the names we read about! Thanks Mark!!!

Read the comments as they have some interesting information as well. Mark explains why he thinks this phenomenon takes place:

“It’s true that the reduced coverage at the net means there are more opportunities for the third shot to be an offensive (rather than neutralizing) shot. This sport — especially the singles version of it — really rewards speed, agility and great hands.”