Struggle for Life in the Painted Desert

The landscape in the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Parks in Arizona is both stark and beautiful. The colors and details were intriguing and would captivate anyone interested in geology, nature and the art of landscape painting or photography.

One of the main attractions of the Painted Desert is the Blue Mesa Trail. If you are going to this area and you are able to hike a bit, this is a must-see. The trail is paved, but there is a steep descent and of course a steep ascent on the return. If you take your time and rest along the way, it is not a difficult trail. This, of course depends upon your physical condition so your mileage may vary.

I am always intrigued by some of nature’s surprises. On the return trip back to the parking area while going uphill, I noticed this bush.

Painted Desert Bush along the Blue Mesa Trail

From this vantage point, this doesn’t look like anything special. There could be hundreds of similar bushes growing in these parks, but let’s take a look from the other side of the plant.

Painted Desert Bush along the Blue Mesa Trail

Do you see those yellow arrows? That is one long root running down the side of the sandstone formation following a crevice and into the ground where one can assume it takes hold and gets whatever moisture and nutrients it can.

This is a beautiful example of the the struggle to survive in some of the harshest environments and how living organisms often find a way to adapt.

Many visitors might pass by this “stoic” plant without ever taking notice of the ongoing fight for survival! I do hope a few stop to pay homage.

NOTE – The Blue Mesa area can be enjoyed from the rim without hiking down into the canyon. There are several lookout areas and quite a few parking spaces. It will be beautiful from those areas too!

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Lost in the Desert Without Water for Six Days? Eat Ants!


Reginald Foggerdy Survives in the Australian Desert
Picture Courtesy of CNN’s Website

I live in Maricopa County, AZ which is part of the Sonoran Desert. My wife and I do a lot of hiking and many times it is in the desert. There are a few rules when hiking in such a hostile environment especially during the summer months. Actually, these are good rules to follow whenever you hike!

Rule #1 – ALWAYS make sure you have enough water. A gallon or more per person is not unusual for a long hike in the summer when it is hot.

Rule #2 – Dress properly. Wear a hat, appropriate shoes, pants and tops. We have met people in flip-flops and tank tops who had no idea where they were as we came across them in the hills of the desert. This can end very badly.

Rule #3 – Tell people where you are going to hike and don’t deviate from the planned route without notifying them.

Of course we can go on and on, but these are a good starting point. Apparently, Reginald Foggerdy, 62 wasn’t prepared as he went hunting in the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia.

Without any water, Mr. Foggerdy managed to survive for six days by eating ants and sitting under a tree. He is one lucky person!.

You can read the rest of the story here and see pictures and a video there as well.