Video-Ohs – Bear Cub & Momma Try to Climb Snowy Slope

Nature shows us the very best of the struggle for life as a very small bear cub tries to follow its mother up a snowy sope. This youngster has guts and perseverance. It struggles agains the laws of physics about which it knows nothing. Mama bear stands helplessly by as the cub struggles to reach her.

NOTE – There is no accompanying sound with this video. Just sit back and watch!

Notes from the YouTube Page:

I was almost snow-go for a cute – and determined – cub which gamely tried to follow its mum up a steep and extremely slippery snow-covered slope.

Video footage of the plucky young animal shows the creature refusing to have a melt-down, despite repeatedly sliding down the powdery surface.

The clip, which has gone viral on social media, had viewers admitting they felt “stressed out” as it was “hard to watch” the cub continually slide down the mountain, towards rocks.

It starts by showing the pair clambering over a rocky patch of ground as the mum guides her young cub towards the top of the mountain.

Both animals initially slide down the slope, but the mother quickly regains her footing and makes it to the ridge, where she waits for the cub to join her.

Plenty of heart-stopping moments follow as the cub struggles to reach her, and it leaves long trails in the snow where its claws have dug in to stop it slipping too far below.

However it slides a considerable distance, ending up on a large rocky patch.

Meanwhile, its mother looks anxiously over the ridge, pacing to and fro.

At one stage, the cub is within just a few feet of its mum.

But at this precise moment, when the cub is nearly beside her, she appears to look straight ahead, and seems nervous about a drone filming her cub.


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