Pickleball – Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Huh?

Do you remember when you first learned to play pickleball and you had to learn to respect the double bounce rule? A key understanding is that the ball must first bounce on the receiver’s side before it is returned and then it also must bounce before the serving team can hit it and then almost anything goes. Did you ever forget and hit the ball before it bounced? I bet most people did at some time or another.

Well, there is more to bouncing than you probably thought. Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports (Pickleball) uses the video below to highlight the importance of moving almost constantly during each point. It prevents inertia from settling in and keeps your body ready to make movements in a required direction. As Mark clearly points out, many of these are small adjustment moves (BOUNCES), but they help maintain focus and allow for quick adjustments to the ball.

Pickleball – You Move, You Win
At least you have a better opportunity to win!