Kicked to the Curb: Cutting Edge Parking

Description: I don’t know if you have looked down at the roads and parking lots when you travel, but there are some very interesting items being discarded in these areas. I decided they were worth recording and perhaps discussing a bit. It seems that our current culture is leaving some interesting finds for future anthropologists.


I am still amazed at the variety of things I come across in America’s parking lots and on the sidewalks. When I drop something, I pick it up. I don’t just leave it there for people to walk around or to have them be inconvenienced.

Now I must admit that if I dropped something that was quickly biodegradable such as crumbs from a muffin, I would probably let that stay on the ground. Something gross, dangerous or unsightly, I would pick up to throw out!

So what happened here? How do you think this came to be in a parking space?

This most likely would not damage a car’s tire, but it certainly can hurt a child or someone else who might touch it.

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