Scott Bourne Demonstrates One Dilemma of a Wildlife Photographer

Followers of JBRish know that I enjoy photography. It is a hobby that allows people to express themselves and exercise their imagination. One of my favorite subjects is wildlife which usually consists of birds, rodents, small animals, etc.

As I try to learn as much as I can from as many different sources, one of the people I admire and follow via the Internet is Scott Bourne. I wrote about him and his contribution to the photography community in a blog post Scott Bourne – Gifts from A Life in Photography

Yesterday he tweeted a picture that I thought was indicative of the problems, unforeseen circumstances, etc. of a wildlife photographer. The composite shows Scott with his camera and a thousand pound bear standing in the way of his exit via boat.

As I learned recently while filming a group of Elk, when dealing with living subjects, a photographer must be ever vigilant, expect the unexpected and react wisely.

Scott Bourne Photographing a Bear
“Scott Bourne Photographing a Bear and Demonstrating a Problem Faced by Wildlife Photgraphers”


Photograph courtesy of a tweet by Scott Bourne. Copyright with All Rights Reserved

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