Words Worth: What-ology?

Most JBRish readers probably know that the suffix “ology” denotes the study of something. Well, here is a challenge…if you accept it.

BuzzFeed has an “Ology” quiz. They will present you with thirteen words ending in “ology” and you need to guess the correct area of study. I anticipated doing pretty well, but I missed three of them. I guess I have more studying to do. Is there an ology, ology?

For example, here is one of the items I did not answer correctly:


Horse Picture courtesy of Jeffrey B. Ross


A – Hippology
B – Hoppology

Now don’t go looking this up IF you want to accept the challenge. If you think you are an “ology” expert, you can test your knowledge here:

Do You Know What All These “-Ology” Words Actually Mean?

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