Photography: My Shot – Larnach Castle Garden, Dunedin, NZ

When we visited New Zealand in 2009, the only camera I took with me was a very small point-and-shoot Canon AS590 IS, which at that time was considered fairly good for its class. Even with this small-ish 8 megapixel count, I was able to capture some amazing pictures.

The photograph below was taken at Larnach Castle in Dunedin, New Zealand. The sky was overcast and the colors were vibrant in themselves. This photo was edited a bit in Lightroom, but trust me when I say that this was a striking picture before the editing process.

I encourage everyone to record their adventures as large or small as they may be with whatever camera or smart phone they have with them. The images will be a treasure to review and appreciate over time.

Interestingly enough, there were a number of plants in this garden that we grow in our Sonoran Desert area.

Stormy skies over Larnach Castle Garden, Dunedin, NZ
Stormy skies over Larnach Castle Garden, Dunedin, NZ

You can find more information about the Larnach Castle & Gardens HERE



File Name: larnach_cast_grdn_)133.jpg
Capture time: Early Afternoon
Capture date: December 17, 2009
Exposure: 1/1000 5.8mm
ISO: 80
Camera: Canon PowerShot AS590 IS
Lens: 4.3-215mm

Edited in Lightroom


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A New Zealand Passion for Photography

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A look into the world and minds of award-winning photographers – Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken.

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Mike Langford: “I believe landscape photography is about a sense of place”

Mike’s passion is travel & landscape photography and travel book publishing with over 26 books to his name. “I believe landscape photography is about a sense of place, not just about what it looks like, but more about what it feels like.”

Jackie Ranken: “The on-going pursuit in finding new ways of seeing and exploring the landscape. My expertise as a landscape photographer began in 2001 with a series of images called “Arial Abstracts’. Black and white images made while upside down in a loop from my father’s antique bi-plane.”