Lisbon, Portugal – Unique Gift Shop

Portugal – Lisbon Sardine Store

Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.” — Lawrence Block

One of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling to different places, especially other countries, is the opportunity to stumble upon unplanned, yet very interesting sights. As we made our way down the “avenue” in Lisbon near Rossio Square, my eye was caught by a bevy of beautiful lights and colorful signs.


At first it was very mysterious and hard to comprehend. The store had a good number of people milling around and the walls were full of colorful items that seemed like dated placards.


As we walked deeper Disney-like, we realized what we were seeing. Can you tell by this section of the wall? Look closely at the right-hand side of the rectangular, dated boxes.


It was an oasis of sardines in gift cans with dates on them. Of course we quickly realized that the dates were not the dates that those particular fish were packaged in their fanciful tins, but years representing birth dates. These were gifts of Portugues sardines in festive and colorful packages.


This was quite unique and a bit of research has revealed that there are a few of these stores in the Lisbon area.


Picture courtesy of Mundo Fantastico da Sardinha Portuguesa

You can learn more about this unique gift shop by clicking the link: Mundo Fantastico da Sardinha Portuguesa

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” — G. K. Chesterton


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Photography – Light Within The Night

Photography has always fascinated me. I originally became intrigued by the science of photography, i.e. the ability to use a device (camera) and film (coated with silver or chemical compounds) or digital image (using modern sensors) to recreate a specific scene. Doesn’t it seem magical? I can only imagine the thrill experienced by early pioneers when they discovered how to capture and reproduce that which the eye can see.

Beyond the science of photography, I admire those who can harness the beauty in the world around us. Most people can learn the technical skills necessary to take a good photograph. There are others though who have a special way of looking at the world and seeing things that seem to be invisible to most of us until they are placed before us as a photographic image.

The nighttime photographs below (from a Digital Photography School article linked below) allow us to share the photographic vision and talents of others.


Sydney Opera House - Black Lotus

This is a picture of the Sydney Opera House which is world renowned and recognized as an iconic symbol of Australia. I have seen dozens of pictures of the Opera House and many of them are very similar. This photograph is named “Black Lotus” and indeed presents a view that many of us have probably never seen. Mathijs van den Bosch had a vision when this scene unfolded before him and captured it for all of us to enjoy. Via

Cherub and Candle

The picture above is of an architectural element. We only have an approximation of the size and I am sure a large number of people have passed by this relief and appreciated it. I can almost sense the breath emanating from the statuesque form as Fehrum’s picture suggests that the cherubic figure is blowing the flame. Via

Edinburgh Clock Tower

I am not familiar with the Edinburgh Clock Tower which conjures up mental images of London’s Big Ben, but this building is certainly attractive and noteworthy in its own right. Marco Bocelli finds just the right amount of light to render this image concurrently mysterious and majestic. Via

See more interesting nighttime images at the Digital Photography Schools web page:

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