Seth Godin and the Marketing of Sauerkraut

Seth Godin is probably best known as a marketing and business strategist, but I follow his blog (see link below) as a source of inspiration. Although he often writes about business topics, many of his posts contain ideas for personal improvement and change which often provides me with food for thought!

One example is the short post below. While it is specific to marketing, there is a lesson there for many of us! I hope you find it interesting and if you do, you can subscribe to his blog.

Marketing sauerkraut (by Seth Godin, JUNE 7, 2018)

“The story goes that James Cook brought fermented german cabbage with him on a long voyage, an innovative way to combat scurvy.

He knew that getting his sailors to eat this strange and stinky food was going to be difficult, particularly since scurvy is a long-term problem, not something you want to try to solve after you get it.

His answer was based on recognizing the power of status roles and is widely applicable:

For the first two weeks of the journey, only the captain and the officers were allowed to eat sauerkraut.

Demand creation through status roles has a long history, apparently.”

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