Video: Homeless Man Gets A Recording Deal

Homeless Man Gets a Record Deal
Screen capture courtesy of the Facebook video linked below.

Donald Gould was homeless for a numbeer of years and when Sarasota, Florida placed several pianos around town, he sat down and played. What happened next is hard to believe and ALSO shows how fate can intervene to help turn a life around. The Internet and modern communications played a pivotal role.

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STATUS QUOte – Photography – 20160920

I read many blogs each day related to the field of photography. One of the posts a couple of weeks ago caught my eye because of a subtitle which I thought would make a good quote. The photograph below is one I particularly like which Mr. Gibson included with his writing (see link below).

Photography Quote

Luck favours those who go out exploring with their cameras.

– Andrew S Gibson

What I Learned About Landscape Photography in Northern Spain by Andrew S Gibson is a very interesting essay about capturing unique photographs with a personal vision. If you are interested in landscape photography, I think you will gain some insights into finding that special shot that others might have missed.

B&W Landscape Courtesy of Andrew S. Gibson - Copyright with All Rights Reserved

Photograph Courtesy of Andrew S. Gibson from the blog post linked above. See other beautiful photographs at that link. originally published this post

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