Why Photography?


Curve billed Thrasher in the Wind
Photo by Jeff Ross

“When I am camera in hand, visiting beautiful places, photographing beautiful things, telling beautiful stories, I am filled with gratitude, joy, happiness, faith, compassion, love, purpose, optimism, empathy, and awe.”

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The Reason I Still Love Photography
by Scott Bourne

Can photography change a life? Can it change many lives?

  • Are you a spiritual person?
  • Do you believe in the interconnectedness of all people around the globe?
  • Do you think that photography can develop compassion and empathy in others?
  • What role does photography play in the historic and spiritual record of mankind?

I found the video below be very inspirational. Alison Wright is a photojournalist who, as she says, has made a career of running toward places most other people are running from.

If you like photojournalism or photography of people, I think you will find these stories and images fascinating; as I did. If You are a spiritual person, I think you will find the underlying theme of some of Ms. Wright’s work captivating.

Even if you decide this isn’t for you and you don’t want to watch any of this. may I suggest that you watch at least 90 seconds of the video starting at the 7:30 mark and ending at 9:00. While I am a skeptical person by nature, these types of experiences force me to keep my mind open even if it is just slightly ajar.

Published on May 27, 2013
After confronting her own mortality in a near-fatal bus crash, photographer Alison Wright dedicates her career to capturing the human spirit through her photographs and writing.