Lifehack: Lid-erature

Did you ever visit a friend’s house and find that they use something in a unique or creative way? Or perhaps you see something demonstrated online showing how an item considered trash can be turned into a useful tool. I think everyone likes to learn about Lifehacks and how to use things creatively.

I use and/or have developed a number of Lifehacks. I haven’t shared one in quite a while so I hope you find these interesting, if not useful.

Many of our “bottles” and jars are now made from recyclable plastic, but most ot their lids, however, are not recyclable. We save some of the lids in a variety of sizes and repurpose them for alternative uses around the house.

This peanut butter container, for example, has a sturdy red lid that is a nice size.

Peanut butter jar with red lid

We use the lids as a snack dish of sorts to hold candies or nuts that we enjoy while watching Netflix.

pb jar lid with mms

Some lids can be used to hold specialized small portions such as this lid-container holding three morning vitamins.

small lid with pills

Then there are times we have a partially filled bottle of wine in the refrigerator. Since red wine is best serve at or near room temperature, we use lids from plastic containers to cover the wine while it warms.

Wine glass with lid

This particular lid was from a container of cheese crumbles.

cover lid with wine bottle

Do you use container lids in creative ways? Leave a comment below! originally published this post – ALL Photography Copyright by Jeffrey B. Ross, ALL Rights Reserved.

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