Photography: Videos – Landscape Hints and Ideas

There are many, many videos on the Internet related to almost every aspect of photography ranging from the technical to the artistic and abstract and everything in between. One field of photography in which I have a strong interest is landscape photography and hobbyists can spend days on end watching nothing but videos about landscape photography.

I have seen dozens over the years and I want to highlight the two resources below because I feel they are especially well done and they have worthy ideas that may be new for many.

My TOP 5 best TIPS for composition in Landscape Photography
by Mads Peter Iversen

Mads Peter Iversen offers his most important tips for successful landscape photography. What I liked about this 16:35 video is that Mads not only offers his ideas, but then he demonstrates what he wishes to convey by showing examples. This makes it immensely useful!

Here are his five areas of concentration in the video below:

  • Focal point
  • Leading lines
  • Brightness, contrast and faces
  • Balance
  • Elements within the frame and the need for “breathing room”

Simple IDEAS for CREATIVE outdoor photography
by Nigel Danson

From the YouTube page:

The possibilities in photography are endless. Landscape photography is no different. Whatever the light or location you can get great images. In this video I talk a bit more about getting creative with out of focus elements and intentional camera movement ICM. And preview the ICELAND series coming soon….

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