20200727 Factoid: Kirkland Brand Better than the Name Brand

Did You Know This… Factoid? — 20200727

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Factoid – 20200727

“Factoid: A brief or trivial item of news or information.”

Costco’s Kirkland brand items are as good as or better than the name brand item in any given category and often manufactured by the name brand company!


Adam Keesling explains why the assertion above is true and how he reached that conclusion:

“The answer is this: they get the best manufacturers in the world — who already have products on Costco shelves — to make Kirkland products. Yeah, you read that right. While customers might not know it, Kirkland products are often made by the same manufacturers who make the branded products that sit next to them on the shelves.”

It is a fascinating story and you can read it HERE – How Costco Convinces Brands to Cannibalize Themselves: An unlikely marriage where both sides win.

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