Inventive Teenagers Improve Our World

As a member of an “older” generation, we often hear people decry the work ethic of today’s youths and the changes taking place within our society that we believe are negative. Of course our parents probably felt the same about the things we did “back in the day.”

Below is an inspiring video detailing how Easton LaChappelle, while he was still a teenager, began to design and create prosthetic limbs. Easton now has his own company and is working to make life better for many people who are challenged. I think you will find the video below very inspiring.

Marian Reekie has macular degeneration. When she found out that a Colorado company had electronic glasses that might be able to help her, she traveled to find out what they would be able to provide. Apparently the glasses were not what she was seeking and they cost $15,000.

Her grandson, Christopher Reekie – an eighth grader at the time, said he could create a pair of glasses for her. The video below shows how Christopher was able to initiate a Kickstarter campaign to create the visual enhancement that his grandmother needed.

What can you offer to help others who face challenges?