Vide – Ohs: Saving a Pony & Foxes at Play

Mila – The miracle pony

We have a heartwarming story of a pony that was found very near death with little hope of survival, but then fate stepped in. Watch this inspiring video about the will to live and being grateful!

From the YouTube page:

This baby wild horse was so skinny when she was rescued — look at her now! | You can keep up with Mila and all of her adventures on Instagram, mila_the_mustang: You can help Amanda, Jennifer, and the team at Healing Hearts Rescue care for more animals like Mila by donating to: You can also check out more of Nancy Loftis’ amazing photography on Facebook: Special thanks to Nancy Harrison for sharing her footage with us!

Foxes Just Want to Have Fun

Who knew that despite their reputation for being sly, foxes like to have fun! Watch this cute and funny video of two fox cubs caught on camera playing on a trampoline – after sneaking into a woman’s garden.


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