Pickleball: Run Do Not Walk to the NVZ (Video)

Every once in a while I find myself playing Pickleball (PB) with a player who does not feel comfortable playing at the net, i.e. near the non-volley zone (NVZ) line. Often these players are beginners so that can be understandable. When questioned, they report that they are not “good enough” or they can’t handle the fast balls.

Unfortunately, the best chances for winning the point are at the NVZ. Watch the expert matches, all four players will be at the NVZ as much as possible. Yes, a point can be one every now and then from the back of the court, but not consistently.

If a PB player wants to improve, they need to gain confidence at the Kitchen and what better way than by playing there? The brief video emphasizes this point.

>Mark Renneson breaks down the movement patterns of the best pickleball players after returning a serve.