Marbella Along the Mediterranean

After being on the road for a number of days, the stop at Marbella was designed as a flex day to allow those who wanted to rest a bit to take a resort-style, relaxing day at the beach! Others could use the day to explore the suburban tourist town of Marbella. Once in our room, we peered out the window to get our first real glimpse of the Mediterranean – part of Spain’s Costa del Sol!

The Mediterranean viewed from the hotel

We arrived late in the afternoon. Although the day had been a long one yet we were excited by the tropical atmosphere Marbella offered. We refreshed a bit and headed for dinner at a very local Italian restaurant practically across the street from our hotel.

Once done, we walked down to the boardwalk for an after dinner stroll. It was a magical evening with the blue water and late day light. After a moderate walk, we went back to the room to get a good rest for explorations the next day!

After a quick breakfast, we were anxious for our next adventure.

Along Marbella's Beachfront

Boardwalks are always interesting because hotels, galleries, small stores and beach-related activities along the path often reveal the unexpected. A sand sculptor was busy at work early in the morning and we stopped to admire his craftmanship.

Sand Sculptor of Children

To be clear, I speak very little Spanish. For some reason, a couple of lessons from my high school years came rushing forth and I was able to conjure several helpful phrases. I approached the sculptor and asked him how long these works would last given the weather and the fragility of the material.

Castle sand sculpture

He explained that they would only remain for two weeks at the most! We proffered a small donation and headed for the main section of town. It was a bit of a walk, but then again, we are walkers!

Along the way we came to Alameda Park located on Av. Ramón y Cajal. We were intrigued by this statue of a girl on a swing that was nearly hidden among the trees.

Girl on a Swing Statue in a tree

There was also a festive, brightly colored carousel nearby, but not yet open for wannabe riders!

A carousel at Almeda park

At some point we missed our target, but being adventurous we forged ahead with map in hand to find local markets, courtyards, churches, etc. As Tolkien said: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

A side street in Marbella

Fancy inlaid stonework in a town square

We enjoyed walking the streets where the locals live and peeking into store windows. As would be expected in a waterfront town, there were a number fish markets.

Fish market window

We continued to be wowed by the beautiful, quaint facades, heavy wooden doorways, …

A pretty house view with plants and wooden door

colorful plantings and exterior adornments!

Colorful house and bougainvillea

As we approached the main center of town, where more tourists were likely to shop, there were the usual merchants and crowds of bargain seekers.

Shoppers along one of the alleyways

Purveyor of spices, sweets, etc.
Purveyor of spices, sweets, etc.

The fascination of adventuring through these small towns is being able to capture the variety of picturesque scenes such as this unique colorful restaurant.

Pretty restaurant with blue religious statue

Another floral festooned restaurant beckons visitors to “come take a closer look.”

A restaurant entrance

In a nearby square, an impressive array of beach stones were laid on their side to create a floral pattern which framed the larger square pictured below.

closeup view of intricate stonework in a town square

A Town Square of Marbella

Houses, shops and churches find common ground in such enclaves and as tourists walk along looking at the merchandise, they may be enticed to examine the small, unassuming houses of worship that have their own subdued majesty to share.

Small side street of Marbella

Small neighborhood church

We took a brief lunch break and continued our town walk until early evening. There were many more scenes that caught our eye, but I think the pictures above capture the essence of Marbella.

The next day we rode the bus along the hillsides to reach our next destination – Ronda!

A view of the mountains from our bus
photographed from our moving tourist coach!


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Busan, South Korea (2015) – Part 2

After our wonderful stop at the Haedong Yonggung Temple in Busan, we visited several other locations. While traveling through the central area of the city, it is easy to see that this is a major metropolitan area with very modern buildings.

Busan, S. Korea

Busan, S. Korea

The pictures above show the area where our tour bus parked while we walked to the APEC building.

Perhaps the one feature that will stand out as one approaches the Nurimaru APEC House is a lighthouse overlooking the bay.

Busan, S. Korea

NOTE: In 2005 an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit was held in Busan, South Korea. There were attendees from 21 Pacific Rim nations, the United States and Chile. The Nurimaru APEC House had been constructed specifically for the occasion. [ see source ]

Near the entrance of the APEC House is a beautiful tapestry.

Busan, S. Korea

There is also a tile mural showing the profile of the modern architecture.

Busan, S. Korea

The conference room had place names for all the attending countries. The seat for the United States is visible in the center.

Busan, S. Korea

The location on Dongbaekseom Island is very picturesque.

Busan, S. Korea

Busan, S. Korea

The tall buildings of Downtown Busan can be viewed from the APEC building grounds.

Busan, S. Korea

After the APEC building visit, we had a brief stop at one of the major hotels near Busan’s Haeundae Beach. This was a very welcome rest and allowed guests to check their email using the Wi-Fi in the lobby. (A tactic we used on a number of occasions at different ports of call.)

The beach was not too crowded as it was still early in the day and it was overcast.

Busan, S. Korea

Busan, S. Korea

Following this break, we headed for the International Market district.

Busan, S. Korea

The grasshopper relief along the side of this building was eye-catching.

Busan, S. Korea

The crowded, narrow side streets offered a contrasting view of downtown.

Busan, S. Korea

Street vendors surrounded the Jagalchi Fish Market.


Busan, S. Korea

and scallops

Busan, S. Korea

and squid

Busan, S. Korea

all alive – Oh My!

It was interesting to see that the fish stands relied on umbrellas and running water to freshen the ocean’s bounty.

Busan, S. Korea

Of course, a selection could be cleaned and sliced for the customer.

Busan, S. Korea

Back on board ship, we were given a friendly musical send off to help bid Busan farewell.

Busan, S. Korea