SignEdge: Now That’s A Curve

Now That's A Curve
Eyes on the road for this one!

Returning from a jaunt in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, not far from Mt. Whitney, the roads were steep and curvy. We don’t often get to see a sign this extreme!

BTW – If you want to see another “rare” sight from the same trip, check this out!

Photography Copyright by Jeffrey B. Ross, ALL Rights Reserved. originally published this post

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Phoenix, AZ Weather – It Can Be Hotter Than You Think

When I tell people I meet that I live in Phoenix, AZ, at some point in the conversation their eyes get real big and they generally ask something like: “How can you take the heat?” I then explain that during the hot weather, and when my wife and I are in “the Valley” (as it is called), we get up at 5AM to do all of the outside chores which are primarily gardening and we are back inside by 6:30 or 7AM.

After that, we focus many of our days on the 3Ms (not the manufacturing company): Museums, Malls and Movies. With that introduction, I would like to share a video of one of our area meteorologists who reported SIGNIFICANTLY higher than usual temperatures even for our very warm summer desert. Grab a cold drink before watching!