A Matter of Perspective – Eiffel Tower

Let’s face it some of us are just not skilled enough with Photoshop to remove or add certain items from pictures without making it look very amateurish.

I guess Sid Frisjes felt a bit intimidated by wanting to have a forced perspective picture of himself and the Eiffel Tower so he posted the picture below on line and asked:

“Can someone photoshop the eifeltower under my finger? [sic]”

Sid Frisjes - Eiffel Tower Photoshop Request

Image via Mahsable

Here is just one sample of the renderings offered:

TForced Perspective with Sid Frisjes and Eiffel Tower

Via Mashable –> IMGUR

Visit the Mahsable web page to see the others. Some are quite clever in their prankish way!