Yosemite Falls from Taft Point – Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 227

Yosemite Falls from Taft Point

A view of Yosemite Falls from Taft Point

When visitors are in and around Yosemite Valley during spring and early summer and they hear the roar of Yosemite Falls, they may walk toward the bottom level to watch the torrent of water free falling down the wall of the mountain and into the basin. It is quite a sight; and quite a splash I might add.

I suppose some visitors think that what they are viewing is the total of Yosemite Falls, but if they could actually see the entire waterfall, their amazement would increase more than twofold. It is huge!

That is the beauty of hiking at Glacier Point and Taft Point…you get to see the bird’s eye view of Yosemite Valley. There is more than meets the eye at ground level and it is easier to understand the relationship of all of the major attractions to each other when standing at the top of it all.

The photograph above shows the full scope of Yosemite Falls. It was wonderful, beautiful and powerful. The roar of the falls can be heard for quite a distance at ground level and lulled us to sleep at night.

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