Highway Stonework – Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 190

Stonework along the highway at Yosemite

Stonework along the highway at Yosemite

When one considers the ages of some of our national parks, it is astounding that the details created so very long ago still remain intact and in good repair. On the return trip to Yosemite Valley from Hetch Hetchy, we passed this stonework on a bridge that was part of the major thoroughfare.

What struck me are the details used in the building of this safety barrier. The wooden beams could have been set straight across, but instead they are placed on the diagonal to add an artistic flare. Most of the tops of the columns are pyramidal in shape and each vertical column stands as a “pop out.”

The contrast of the gray and brown against the green foliage made for a striking scene. We should be very proud of and pleased with our national parks!

BTW – The National Park Service has put out a list of their Fee Free Days for 2017 and a couple of them cover weekends. You can check out the list of fee free days here:

National Park Service Announces Fee Free Days for 2017

Just keep in mind that the parks are likely to be crowded on these days so make arrangements early!

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