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Photography Quote

When your mouth drops open, click the shutter.

– Harold Feinstein

Sprague Lake, RMNP, CO - by J. Ross

** – Photograph Notes – **
Photograph Copyright by Jeff Ross – ALL Rights Reserved
Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO – Sept. 13, 2016 – 9:06 AM
Nikon D3300, 1/60 sec @ f18, ISO 140, Focal Length 27 mm originally published this post

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iPhone 6 Makes Picture Taking a Snap!

Apple has set up what they are calling a “World Gallery” of photographs taken using the iPhone 6. The wonderful picture capabilities of the iPhones have been touted for a number of years and with each iteration, Apple seems to be able to raise the bar even higher. To demonstrate how versatile and creative the iPhone 6 can be, this page titled “Shot on iPhone 6” provides a great number of examples. I selected five of my favorites below. Visit the website to see more images in their larger sizes.

NOTE – Some of the pictures were taken with Apps other than the Apple Camera App. This information is noted under the pictures on display at the linked website.

Let me know which images you find most compelling, beautiful or interesting.

Shot by Andrew P. in Phoenix, AZ

This desert shot takes full advantage of the warm reds and oranges of sunset, capturing a beautiful range of tones with a limited color palette.

Since I live in this area, this picture caught my eye. I have taken similar pictures with my camera. One thing I try to impress upon visitors and people who live out-of-state is the wonderful colors the sun creates at various times of the day in the Sonoran Desert.

Sonoran Desert Scene - iPhone6

Shot by Brendan Ó. in Copenhagen, Denmark

Shooting from an unexpected angle can add an interesting twist. Here, it creates contours in the lines that convey a sense of movement to the viewer.

I found the lines on this pavement particularly interesting. I wonder if these are bicycle lanes or do these markings serve some other purpose? Are these lines curvy for artistic reasons or do the shapes provide a necessary shift?

Street/Park Scene, Copenhagen Denmark - iPhone6

Shot by Hyeong Jun K. in Seoul, South Korea
The exaggerated scale of a shadow, like the one cast by the tree, can add an element of interest to a stark landscape.

I am a sucker for trees especially when they are standing alone. While there are others around, the isolation of the main tree feels palpable to me.

Lonesome Tree - iPhone6

Shot by Noah W. in Marina Del Rey, CA

Use naturally occurring shadows to your advantage. In this photo, the solid silhouette of the dog interrupts the stripes cast across the sidewalk.

I enjoy a good animal picture and this is no exception. In addition to the notation above, this photograph would have been so ordinary without the shadows. The dog almost looks zebra-ish and much more interesting with the shadowed lines.

Dog Marked by Linear Shadows - iPhone6

Shot by Austin M. in Steamboat Springs, CO

Photos featuring just one color family can be brought to life with a subtle hint of a contrasting color. Here, the pop of blue in the sky adds a surprising element.

I love the subtle colors in this photo as noted above. While this is a very good photo, IMHO it would have been even better had the ski lift (upper right) been cropped out. In any event, the feeling evoked by this snow scene is “cool” indeed!

On the Slopes - iPhone6