Photography – A Year of Inspiration and Ideas

This is the time of year that photography websites start talking about ideas, resolutions, etc. for the New Year. We often hear about a monthly challenge or perhaps even a weekly challenge.

Every once in a while someone steps up and starts a 365 day photography challenge based on a theme or idea that they have. I am doing a modified* 365 day challenge by posting a picture-a-day for 365 days selected from the shots I took during our hiking and exploration trip to Yosemite National Park. This is the link if you are interested:

Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 1 & Project Introduction

*NOTE – While I do intend to post 365 separate photos from my Yosemite excursions, I am not doing them strictly on consecutive days because of previous commitments and plans.

The PHOTOBLOG is stepping up to help those who might need inspiration for such a challenge by offering a yearly calendar with a new photography idea for every day of the year. This would be a wonderful resource for those who just want to gather new and fresh ideas or to stimulate ideas of their own. The PHOTOBLOG suggests it might make a nice gift for a phtographer-friend and I agree!

Here are some random examples of suggested ideas:

  • January 24, Tuesday – Something You made
  • February 17, Friday – Outside the window
  • March 20, Monday – Three Things
  • April 26, Wednesday – Flowers
  • May 6, Saturday – Street
  • June 1, Thursday – Together
  • July 23, Sunday – A Pair of Things

In addition to being a springboard for ideas, the calendar itself has very pretty photography and serves its general utilitarian function of keeping track of the dates. Each page has the main month along with the preceding and following month; a nice touch. See the sample screen shot below.

PhotoBlog Sample Calendar Page

Check out all of the details and find out how to post some of your own project shots by visiting this PHOTOBLOG web page.

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Calendars for Printing One Day-At-A-Time

NOTE – Full disclosure – Today is the first time I used this resource and I haven’t fully explored it, but it looks very useful.

If you need a yearly or monthly calendar for 2016, let’s say, this website provides some nice options. I tried to get a calendar for 2030 and it seemed to work. The program allows the user to select the reference nation so that some of the holidays will appear accurate (as far as I can tell).

If you want a quick and easy 2016 yearly calendar that I created using the above site, click the link below:

2016 Yearly Calendar (United States)