Photgraphy – Importance of Capturing Family Life (Video)

I viewed this video on the heels of Father’s Day and it is a reminder that to many people, family is the most important component of life. And while the video helps to underscore the emotional reasons for this and an accompanying appreciation of familial ties, it also suggests the importance of photography in capturing the history and milestones of the family.

  • Do you take pictures of your family?

  • Will those pictures be of importance to your children in the future?

  • Will your grandchildren enjoy seeing their parents as children.

Watch the video below and find these answers for yourself.

Here are the notes from the YouTube video page:

“Brent Gilmore has worn many hats during his lifetime, but none so fulfilling as that of dad. He’s not only juggled his share of strollers, dirty diapers, and 1 am wake-up calls, he’s also learned to balance his fatherly duties with those of the family historian—photographing his family’s tender, wonderful moments and keeping them safe for his children and future generations. See how Brent has mastered the busy roles of father and photographer, and why he trusts SmugMug to keep those precious memories safe and secure.” originally published this post

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