Vide-Ohs: The Human Condition…

and it’s Annoyances!


While we appreciate the modern conveniences, I think everyone will admit that perhaps there was less daily frustrations in the good old days!

We have boxed ourselves in so that we rely on certain routines, items and customs and when they don’t go exactly as planed, we suffer mental, emotional or physical pain!

Here are some examples (overlook the visual hyperboles; they are just trying to make a point!)!


And yet more…



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Pickleball Pet Peeves

These are Pet Peeves that I have collected or have found on the Internet. If you have any that you think should be added, please send them along. You can find my email address towards the bottom of the last paragraph here:

  • A partner watching a game on another court while they are playing with you!

  • People on the “sideline” making comments about a player’s performance during play; kidding or not, it is distracting.

  • Playing against a person who does not know the score most of the time (sometimes it may be your own partner and hopefully it isn’t you!).

  • Someone who runs on to the court to retrieve a mishit ball from their game.

  • A person who smashes the ball against the court or a wall when they lose a point. No wonder balls crack or split easily!

  • Players on other courts or on the benches making calls of in or out, legal or illegal. Players in the game need to make these calls.

  • Snarky comments like “Thank You!” when someone misses an easy shot.

  • When the group decides to play only to nine points; win by one, to shorten “wait time,” and some still play to eleven; win by two anyway

  • Players who hit an errant ball or miss a shot and then call a do over by saying they were distracted by the motion of the ball coming over from another court even when the play was essentially over before the ball arrived!

  • Players who challenge close calls at the back line on your side of the court.

  • Players moving on to the courts at a snails pace while they are interrupting your play. Yes, games develop a rhythm and nobody likes long disruptions!

Don’t forget to send me your PB Pet Peeves if they aren’t already listed. You can find my email address towards the bottom of the last paragraph here: