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We continue our series of personalized (vanity) license plates in Arizona. To maintain individual privacy, we try to show as little information about particular cars as possible as long as we can reveal the license plate.

NOTE – License plate photos may have been archived for quite some time. The years indicated on the registration stickers DO NOT necessarily reflect the current status of any given plate!

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Alien Life on Other Planets or Stars

Aliens - Image courtesy Interdimensional Guardians via Flickr Creative Commons
Aliens – Image courtesy Interdimensional Guardians via Flickr Creative Commons


I have often thought that if there are “billions and billions” of stars/planets out there that other forms of intelligent life must exist. After all, what are the odds we would be the only form of life capable of thinking, inventing and exploring? If I had to bet, I would be likely to put my money on other creative life forms out there somewhere.

Then the question arises: Why Aren’t The Aliens Here Already? I mean really, how slow can they be? I would suspect that some other intelligent life would be more advanced than humans on earth and therefore should be here by now. Well…perhaps not.

Adam Frank of 13.7 cosmos & culture wrote the following in an article posted on NPR’s website:

“For today, however, let’s just consider the one answer that really matters for us, the existential one that is very, very freaky indeed: The aliens aren’t here because they don’t exist. We are the only sentient, technological species that exists in the entire galaxy.

It’s hard to overstate how profound this conclusion would be.

The consequences cut both ways.”

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