SignEdge: Hall of Fame Vodka

Months ago we came across this bottle at our local Costco.

Hall of Fame Unique Vodka Bottle

While this is not technically a sign, our curiosity was piqued because of our interest in unique beer and wine labels. It certainly is a good facsimile of a baseball bat for a vodka container. I am not endorsing this product and I am far from an expert in spirits, but I have to give Hall Of Fame Spirits credit.

Hall of Fame Unique Vodka Bottle

Here is part of the mission statement from their website:

“Our mission is two fold. First and foremost is to inspire the world’s best American-made Ultra-Premium Vodka. Second, is to create a distinctive brand that bottles and elicits all the intensity, emotions, valence and fandom that endears us to the game and makes us true sports fans!”

You can read more HERE!

They won an award in 2016 for the “Best of Class Platinum Bottle Design” as well as an award for “Bronze Vodka Taste.” – Read more about it HERE.

Hall of Fame Unique Vodka Bottle

Although Hall Of Fame Spirits can’t get a home run with this bottle-container, they may at least have a hit! Don’t you think this is a unique made-in Iowa idea? originally published this post

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