Old Town Dubrovnik – Above it all

When walking the wall and admiring all there is to see, it is difficult to be mindful that amid the historic sights, there are daily lives being lived within these walls.

Records indicate that prior to the 1667 earthquake there were more than 5,000 residents in Old Town.

Old Town house roof with window propped open
This must have been how air was conditioned in days gone by.

Out of 42,615 residents of wider Dubrovnik, only 1,557 are registered as living in the Old Town, 25 per cent fewer than in 2011. A third of them are older than 65. Some 22 per cent are considering moving, according to a recent survey by the Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik. Source

Along the wall, partial scenes are revealed through gaps either intentional or by decay. It is easy to imagine diners sitting at the tables below for lunch or dinner.

 Old Town Restaurant on street level viewed from the wall

There are apartments and individual homes beyond this gate.

Gateway leading to residential section of Old Town

There was plenty of evidence of daily life as viewed from our elevated perch…

Laundry hanging outside to dry

as well as reminders of the old days and what might have been.

Collapsed wall near current garden plot

In contrast, more contemporary neighborhoods have developed outside the Old Town. The picture below shows Mt. Srd which looms over this section of Dubrovnik

Old Town with Mt. Srd and newer neighborhoods
More modern neighborhood in the background at the base of Mt. Srd

There are reminders of the wall’s intended purpose.

Cannons on the wall were used to defend the city

Every once in a while, dramatic scenes add a punctuation mark to the walk and give reason to stop and catch a breath.

Old Town harbor viewed through a window in the wall

The beauty of Old Town from above is often breathtaking.

Dominican Monastery against the morning light
Bell Tower of the Dominican Monastery

Looking back toward the end of the walk, it is easy to imagine the beauty of what was and to appreciate what still remains.

Wide view of Old Town with Lokrum Island in the background

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