Losing Our Marbles, But Having Fun

Jelle Bakker is an apt name for someone who creates a machine that leads us to believe we are losing OUR marbles. Similar in fascination to those domino chain reactions many of us love to watch, this is a virtual “Marble Tsunami” which I believe is called a Knikkerbaan.

I don’t know why so many people enjoy watching this type of controlled mayhem, but we do!

As Jelle says in the about page from his website:

“My biggest passion is making Marble Machines and Rolling Ball Sculptures, the marbles speeds through the tracks hitting bells, chimes, nails, woodblocks. My Marble Machines differs from other ones because of a cacaphony of sounds produced from the marbles and moving parts like tipovers, seesaws, levers and unique track parts like jumps, loops, funnels, pinball courses and more. My Marble Machines commonly made from wood.

My biggest milestone was setting the guiness record for the Longest Marble Run in 2009, unfortnately, it’s now broken by someone else. In 2012 i start building my first international project outside of the Benelux in the MAD Museum in Stratford upon Avon (UK), after it’s succes a second machine from me is now exhibited inside the darkroom, a Rolling Ball Machine with glowing balls lit by uv-LED’s.”

Read more about this cacophonous hobby at jellekknikkers: the marble master

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