Lembert Dome: The Trail Down – Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 248

The trek back down from Lembert Dome

On the trail down from Lembert Dome, more streams

Experienced hikers understand that the trail “back down” can be almost as hard as the ascent to the top of a mountain. Trekkers are more tired on the way down and the body’s momentum can force errant steps. If there is scree on the path, this can have severe consequences for those who are not prepared.

We carefully retraced our steps with the idea that, if we had enough energy left, we would take the companion trail to Dog Lake which is a spur off of the Lembert Dome Trail. We were faced with more stream crossings as the snow melt continued to swell the waterways.

In the picture above you can notice logs that were placed next to boulders in the stream to help with finding dry footing. One can’t assume that these are stable so tread lightly, making sure that where your foot will go is relatively steady. I always try to keep one foot firmly planted during the step forward and only when the previously lifted foot is secure, do I then lift the trailing leg.

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Meta Data – Day 248 YOY – Year of Yosemite

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