Kicked to the Curb: Razor Blade Runner

Description: I don’t know if you have looked down at the roads and parking lots when you travel, but there are some very unusual items being discarded in these areas. I decided they were worth recording and perhaps discussing a bit.

It seems that our current culture is leaving interesting finds for future anthropologists.


While parking at our local grocery store, I saw a broken razor blade just off to the side of my front tire. It was curious to find this artifact at this location and it raised several questions in my mind.

  • Why was the razor there?
  • What was it used for at this location?
  • Did it fall?
  • Was it discarded on purpose?
  • Why wasn’t it picked up after being dropped and discarded properly?

It is truly a puzzle.

**NOTE ** the white line is the dirver’s side parking lot stripe. The car’s tire was less than six inches to the right of the razor blade.

Looking Sharp – Razor Blade Near Front Tire in Parking Lot

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