Hiking the Peralta Trail, Gold Canyon, AZ – 20160621

NOTE – Keep in mind that we took this hike and these pictures represent the trail as we saw it in December, 2009. The trail may have changed a bit since them and some of the flora may no longer be exactly where we are reporting, but this is a good representation of things you may find along the way. Perhaps you will find even more intriguing highlights.

Of course the large rock formations and mountains will remain largely unchanged.

Interesting rock formations
There are numerous interesting rock formations along the Peralta Trail

The other day we published a picture of a rock formation with a “window” in it (see below for the link), but there are a number of interesting rock formations along the entire Peralta Trail. Just look around as you hike and you will see them. The photo above is one such example. We are leaving the best and perhaps biggest for later posts!

BTW – It always amazes me how the saguaros, and other plants, manage to find a foothold among all of the rocks, boulders and stones.

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