Gazania Mania

During our hot summer it is difficult to find plants that can “take the heat” and keep on blooming or even surviving for that matter. One of our favorites is the Gazania. Well, I am happy to report that they can take the cooler weather as well. While we do protect them from any frost, the cold weather has slowed them a bit, but has not stopped the parade of blooms and the array of colors.

Here is our bicycle planter with Gazanias in the planter-box basket


Orange Gazania in Bicycle Planter

Pink Gazania in Bicycle Planter

Closeups reveal the interesting streaking found on the flower petals with the dark starburst-like ring in the centers.

Orange Gazania Flower Closeup

Yellow Gazania Flower Closeup

Light Orange Gazania Flower Closeup

Pink Gazania Flower Closeup

For more information about growing Gazanias, you can read the following article:

How To Grow Gazania Treasure Flowers: Care Of Gazania Flowers

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