Drama Along the River – Year of Yosemite (YOY) – Day 273

Boulders with rushing water

Swirling rushing waters

The Merced River provided an exciting background for our hike along the Vernal Fall trail. The sound of rushing water paired with the gray overcast sky created some drama.

As we walked along and near the river, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the water’s sound and the beautiful earth-toned hues of the rocks, water and eddies.

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Meta Data – Day 273 YOY – Year of Yosemite

File Name: 0421.NEF
Capture time: 1:12:10 PM
Capture date: June 10, 416
Exposure: 1/60 sec @ f/16
Focal Length:55mm
ISO 250
Nikon D3300


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