Carefree, AZ – Enchanted Pumpkin Garden , 2015 – II

Our previous post (see it here) about the Carefree Desert Gardens Pumpkin Festival provided a good overview of what you might find at the exhibit. In our second post we will follow up with more posed pumpkin scenes…*

Such as this Motorcycle pumpkin daredevil with feet flying behind as he ramps over his “volunteers.” Is that pumpkin all the way to the left praying?

Motorcycle Daredevil Pumpkin

Pushing your special pumpkin friend on a swing is always a fun activity.
Swinging pumpkins

Or perhaps you would rather go for a wheelbarrow ride, but I don’t suggest being too pumpkin bossy!
Pumpkin wheelbarrow ride

This pumpkin looks persnickety as he is walking his gourd dog!
Dog-walking pumpkin

For that very special pumpkin in your life, roasting marshmallows together is a very Halloween thing to do,
Roasting Marshmallows

But try to ignore the eerie looking toadstools growing at the left end of the log!
Spooky toadstools

Scootering is one way to travel around the festival to visit your pumpkin buddies.
Pumpkin on a scooter

Golf appears to be a very difficult sport for pumpkins.
Pumpkin golf

Halloween mischief may be at hand with at least one pumpkin spotted with a slingshot.
Mischievous Pumpkin with Slingshot

Carving pumpkins can create a mess and someone needs to help clean up.
Cleaning the pumpkin carving mess

And after the cleanup, there is time for a siesta!
Sleeping pumpkin

Of course don’t forget there are gardens to look at as well and I must explain that they have some very unusual “crested” cactus like the one pictured below. Also look for the large crested saguaro which is quite rare.
Crested cactus on display

*It is noted that the pumpkins in the scenes were made using artificial resources to keep them from being eaten by the native wildlife such as Javelinas. Also of note, some of the metal stands supporting the pumpkins in the “scenes” have been removed in the photographs.

An additional related post will follow! originally published this post

2 thoughts on “Carefree, AZ – Enchanted Pumpkin Garden , 2015 – II

  • November 20, 2021 at 1:00 am

    Wonderful! You make pumpkins speaking to us!
    Great job!

    • November 21, 2021 at 8:57 am

      Thanks,the exhibits were very creative and captivating. The last I heard was the revenue goes to charity!


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