STATUS QUOtes — 20150330

“Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.” — Louis L’Amour

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” — Winston Churchill

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” — Tennessee Williams

“Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age.” — H.L. Mencken

STATUS QUOtes — 20150326

“But eyes are blind. You have to look with your heart.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” ― Tennessee Williams, Conversations with Tennessee Williams

“To confer favours with propriety and grace requires something that riches cannot give.[ed]” — Charles Caleb Colton

“I’m astounded by people who want to ‘know’ the universe when it’s hard enough to find your way around Chinatown.” – Woody Allen