Pickleball: Thoughts about the Soft Game and Drop Shot

I have written about the third shot drop shot and the soft game on JBRish a number of times. This is a wonderful skill to develop to help win pickleball games…but to be consistently good takes lots of practice. I can hit one every once in a while, but that percentage isn’t going to win many games.

Pickleballers who don’t have a great third shot drop shot, or perhaps a poor soft game overall, need not despair. Jennifer Lucore has an interesting take on drop shots and dinking in pickleball.

I would encourage you to read the entire article:

There’s No Dinking in Pickleball

In summary, however, this is what she concludes:

“So, to summarize there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG way to play pickleball when you are talking about dropping the third shot or a powerful, driving ground stroke. (emphasis mine)”

PS – Some of the comments under the article are interesting as well!

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2016 US Open Pickleball Championship by the Numbers

According to Jennifer Lucore, the 2016 US Open Pickleball Championship will have:

  • 48 courts
  • More than 800 players
  • 2300 matches
  • Participants from the older crowd; oldest 89
  • Participants from the younger crowd; youngest 12
  • With seven countries represented

And more…

See the original post HERE and follow Jennifer via her websites!

There is more information about the championship at the USAPA web page as well – Click HERE

From the Pickleball Channel

Check out Additional Pickleball Info and Videos!

Pickleball as an Art Form – A Must Watch Video

“Pickleball is a ribbon of dreams, a tale told by a genius, full of sound and fury, signifying everything! The ferocious triumph of the human will to excel is a thing of beauty to behold. All four players should be proud.” Keith via comment on – 15 Shots to Kitchen Line

This is the first paragraph of the post highlighted above…

“The Pickleball Channel uploaded this video (linked below), that shows how it took Alex Hamner and me 15 shots to make it to the kitchen line (24 more shots to win) straight to their Facebook page on February 22, 2016, and at the time of this blog post the video had 121,270 views with 1,433 people sharing this video!”

Click to see VIDEO

Watch this amazing pickleball point between Alex Hamner & Jennifer Lucore and Mona Burnett and Bonnie Williams at the Grand Canyon State Games.

As Keith’s remark above implies, pickleball can be an art form when done at this level! Great job!

You can read the entire story at Jennifer Lucore’s Blog post and don’t forget to look at the comments as well!

Pickleball – Selections from the Canadian Easter Nationals EXHIBITION

Jennifer Lucore, a top ranked US Pickleballer has put together this entertaining video of “highlights” from the Canadian Easter Nationals EXHIBITION. I think you will find this brief, four minute, video very entertaining as the players on both sides are very good dinkers and have great reflexes at the NVZ. Some of this is great Pickleball!

Share this link http://wp.me/p5tVlb-HK with friends if you think they might like it as well.

Pickleball – Gold Medal Match: Open Womens Doubles – 2015 So Cal Summer Classic

I enjoy watching the best players in the nation play Pickleball because I see that they have the same issues we all have. I am not implying that we are all as good as they are, but they make the same kinds of errors we make. The difference is usually the quality of the play. I am an average player and I generally play somewhere in that range so when a shot comes my way, it isn’t always a sophisticated hit, but the problems are the same as those faced by the better players.

If you watch the championship video below, you will note that a good many points are not necessarily won by the team earning that point/fault, but by the other team losing it. In other words, in many cases a player fails to return or mishits a very playable ball and yields that point.

The second set of the match appears to be a runaway, but Heidi Hancock & Tonja Major mount a major comeback.

From the YouTube Video Website:

“Published on Jul 17, 2015

Are you ready to watch four amazing pickleball players at their best? Don’t miss this gold medal match from the So Cal Summer Classic in Oceanside, CA. Pickleball Channel was fortunate enough to get courtside, and we are proud to feature this match in its entirety. Watch Heidi Hancock & Tonja Major battle against Alex Hamner & Jennifer Lucore for gold in the Open Womens Doubles. We love featuring gold medal matches so our subscribers can witness the athleticism and speed required to play for gold!”

Pickleball Paddle Approval Process

Jennifer Lucore is a Pickleball champion and in a recent post on her blog, she explains the process paddles must go through to be sanctioned by the USAPA. There are a few points I think you might find interesting.

  • Not only do paddles need to pass inspection by USAPA officials, but they also go through third party testing.
  • Once a paddle is approved, it is listed on the USAPA website.
  • The sport is really maturing because PB is approaching a milestone of 50 paddle manufacturers.

To read the entire story and see some photos, visit Jennifer Lucore’s website

The Lucore Forehand Volley

Jennifer Lucore, national champion pickleball player, offers her advice on the forehand volley. Of course, the first thing she emphasizes is to “get the ball in the court.

Assuming the ready position with paddle held high and realizing that the ball is coming to the forehand while you are at the nonvolley zone line, these are the steps she advises one to use:

  • Keep your eyes and head steady

  • Align the face of the paddle with the ball early

  • Adjust the paddle rotation in accord with the height of the ball in relation to the net

  • Hit the ball well in front of you

  • Propel the ball forward and rotate your shoulders through the ball to impart the power with trunk rotation

  • Finish of the stroke is toward the opposite shoulder with a tight rotation; no wide, loopy rotation

  • Maintain a firm wrist and keep the paddle head above the wrist in a cocked fashion.

There is a video on Jennifer Lucore’s website demonstrating the above steps and giving a bit more detail. You can view both at the link below:

The Lucore Forehand Volley Video and Details