Photography: A Good Idea If Your Camera is Lost

Years ago when my wife and I visited London, we found a camera on a train. Because the camera had a name and address on it, we were able to locate the owner and make appropriate return arrangements.

In this digital era, it would make sense to account for such loss. I came across an idea that I thought was a good one and one that I might implement myself.

If someone finds a camera, one of the first things they MIGHT do if they know anything about cameras, is to look at the pictures that are on the memory/data card in the camera.

Every time the memory/data card is initialized for a new outing, etc,. why not take a picture of the following information that is printed neatly on a sheet of paper?

[ Insert Name ]
MY EMAIL IS [ Insert a valid email here ]
In the event this camera is found please contact me.
Thank You!

I do not advise including an address because if you are away from home, that might be able to be discerned from the other photos on the card and leave YOU more vulnerable. You might include a phone number if you think it is appropriate, but exercise caution.