Hiking the Peralta Trail, Gold Canyon, AZ – 20160619

NOTE – Keep in mind that we took this hike and these pictures represent the trail as we saw it in December, 2009. The trail may have changed a bit since them and some of the flora may no longer be exactly where we are reporting, but this is a good representation of things you may find along the way. Perhaps you will find even more intriguing highlights.

Of course the large rock formations and mountains will remain largely unchanged.

Windows in the rocks
Nature creates unusual and interesting formations

Whenever hiking a trail that is new to me, I enjoy seeing the various rock formations created by nature. Holes in the rock, such as the one pictured above, are often referred to as windows. Wind, sand or dust storms and rain create such holes by pounding away at the weak points in these structures. Over time, the rock, dirt and mud give way and create the interesting holes in the formations.

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